How She Invests: An Interview with Rebecca Tracey

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With all of the options online for training programs and tools, it can be difficult to discern which are best for your business. That’s why I created the How She Invests in Her Business series. My hope is that the insights you read from these smart & savvy women help you decide how to make smarter financial decisions so you can stay in business for a looooong time.

Today’s Interview: Rebecca Tracey

This interview is with Rebecca Tracey, head/only honcho of The Uncaged Life, where she works with coaches, healers, and consultants from all over the world who want to have the freedom of working from anywhere by running their own online business. She helps people get clear on their brand message, create packages that sell, and learn what it actually takes to get and keep clients online. She started her business while living in a van, loves rock climbing and riding her bike around Toronto, and rappelling off cliffs with her dog, Rhubarb, on her back.

Like the other ladies who I’ve interviewed for this series, she’s a practical, no-nonsense business owner that you DEFINITELY want to have in your corner. Over to Rebecca!


How She Invests: An Interview with Rebecca Tracey

What investment has made the most impact on your business? What was the impact it made?

Investing in proper website design made a HUGE difference when I was new to my business. Once I got clear on what I was doing, who my clients were, and what I was selling, I paid a designer to help me amp up my site.

I FINALLY felt excited to tell people about it and it gave me the confidence to actually feel like I was a real legit business.

What’s one investment you’re thinking of making right now?

Someone to run ads specifically for my next launch. And I just hired out a whole new website and brand design – eep!

Before you decide to invest in something for your business, what do you do?

I often just go with my gut – I tend not to shop around. When I have someone in mind, I have my mind made up. I only invest in specific things when I need to, but it seems there is always something on the go that needs money, lol.

I’m not someone who signs up for courses and then doesn’t do them. I tend to just go right to the source and hire people one on one to make sure I get the help I need.

What has been your experience with hiring your first team member / contractor?How She Invests: An Interview with Rebecca Tracey

I actually hired my first contractor before I had a business – a copywriter! I would NOT recommend this.

You definitely need to be clear on what you do, who you serve, and what you sell before you have someone write your copy. I ended up changing most of the copy within the first 3 months.

But I forked over $1000 and hired someone right off the bat. In retrospect, not the best investment, BUT I don’t regret it because it helped me get started and lit a fire under my ass – now I needed a website to actually put that copy on!

What position, if any, are you planning on hiring next? (CPA, bookkeeper, graphic designer, etc.) Why?

I don’t have any hires on the horizon! I work with a business manager and a VA right now, and then I hire out for specific stuff I need along the way. My new web designer is hard at work, so we’ll finish that project before diving into anything else!


Who do you think your program “Uncage Your Business” is a good investment for? Why?

How She Invests: An Interview with Rebecca TraceyUYB is amazing for new coaches, wellness providers, and consultants who are struggling to make their businesses work because they can barely articulate what their business IS. They have a lot of passion and ideas but sometimes, to their own detriment, get scattered and overwhelmed with trying to put it all together.

We work on getting super clear on:

  • your core business message
  • who you work with
  • market research into what they want and need
  • putting together service packages just for them
  • learning how to talk about what you do in a way that gets YES’s (and learning to drop industry jargon and fluffy language that can create a disconnect between you and your clients)

This stuff is SO important, and a lot of online business courses and training skips this step and teaches you how to market your business, but the reason so many people get stuck is because they don’t have their foundations yet. It’s hard to market when you can barely even explain what, exactly, you do.

I help with that.

How do you use what you teach in your own business / life?

I come back to my own teaching allll the time in my business! Anytime I create something new or want to go in a different direction or make a new course, I go back to my foundations – my message, my niche, what those people need, and how they are talking about it. That way I can effectively create and market something that will sell.


How do you give back to your in-person community?

I don’t do a lot in-person (that requires pants – ew!), but I do spend a lot of time in my free Facebook community (hop in here) answering questions, doing free trainings, and just generally trying to connect with other amazing business owners and share some of what I have learned along the way.

In what other ways would you like to give back?How She Invests: An interview with Rebecca Tracey

I’d like to be a part of helping kids learn more about entrepreneurship and uncaged living. I think our values and ideals start when we’re young and what we’re exposed to.

If kids learn more about all the endless options that are out there for them from an early age, then anything will seem possible. I think we’ll end up with a lot more happy people in the world who are doing work that matters and living lives that they give a shit about.

You used to offer many different digital products around creating packages and what to do when you start a business. Why did you decide to retire those courses?

It just got too messy and confusing… And the honest truth about online courses is that they don’t often make a lot of money. People think “Oh, passive income,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It ends up being a business model question – do I want to spend a lot of hours and $$$ trying to get huge traffic to my site so that my $35 online courses make me some decent coin — or would I rather spend that time getting higher paying clients into my group program and doing deeper work with them?

For me, the latter is where my heart is at.


Rebecca runs a free online community of over 6000 solopreneurs in her Facebook group. You can also find her hanging out on her website and on Instagram below where you’ll see loads of cute pictures of her pup. If you join her email list, she’ll give you freebies like Your First Retreat Checklist or the first chapter of Hey, Nice Package!. Go say hi to her!







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