Is Kashoo Right for Your Business?

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Is Kashoo Right for Your Business?

“Easy accounting software without the frustration.”

Kashoo knows that its biggest competitor is Quickbooks, which is why they mention it right on the homepage. You can do all of these things that you need… without using a complicated software like Quickbooks.

Now personally, I don’t use Quickbooks with my clients. I’m not saying that I’m against using the software. It’s just not my favorite.

So what makes Kashoo different, and are they telling the truth? Is it really easier to use?

Overview of Kashoo

Is Kashoo Right for Your Business?

Like the others, Kashoo is an online cloud-based accounting software, which means that it’s online and all of your information is kept on the Internet as opposed to your computer.

It’s one of those companies that make sure they infuse personality into their brand. This alone sets them apart from the competition.

Beyond that, they differ from tools like Xero, Freshbooks, WaveApps, and Zoho Books because their dashboard does not show the most recent financial information. Instead, when you login, you’ll be able to immediately input expenses / income not recorded from your connected bank accounts.

Expect to pay one monthly fee of $19.95, or you can pay annually for a discount.

Is it easy to learn?

Kashoo prides itself on being easy to setup and to learn.

They claim to have removed all accounting jargon, and they focus on the basics, like inputting expenses and income, sending invoices, and keeping track of project costs.

The reports feature is also very light, which may be a relief to some entrepreneurs but a burden to their accountants and bookkeepers. And something technical, but still important, to note. Kashoo only offers accrual accounting and not cash-based. What that means is that if you don’t know how your books are currently organized, ask an accountant to be sure.

Reports included are:

  • Income Statement
  • Unpaid Invoices
  • Unpaid Bills
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • General Ledger
  • All Transactions
  • History

What are the downsides?

There are a few downsides to using Kashoo as a small business owner, and I’m going to break them down into three categories: no inventory and purchase ordering, inability to make estimates, and limited use of mobile app with multicurrency.

1) No inventory / purchase ordering – Unlike Zoho Books or Xero, you can’t keep track of how much of each item you have or request to purchase an item when its stock is low.

2) Can’t make estimates – Some agencies and freelancers need estimates to complete proposals. If that’s a big part of your business model, I would stay away from Kashoo and consider Zoho Books instead.

3) Can’t use iOs apps with multicurrency enabled – While Kashoo offers multicurrency, you can’t use your iPhone / iPad app when it’s enabled. Who knows why? It’s probably a glitch that will be fixed in the future.

Why should I use it?

1) Easy setup – You’ll be able to navigate the dashboard to set up your account and start sending invoices with Kashoo’s guided tutorial service.

2) Can get by on your own without a professional – Since the software is so intuitive and made for service-providers, it’s easy enough to learn and get by on your own without an accountant or bookkeeper guiding the way.

3) Track project costs and keeps records of clients / suppliers – If you’re a freelancer who needs to track your time along with project costs, this software could be great for keeping you organized. Plus, you can keep record of any clients or suppliers that you have.

4) Great customer service – Support is “forever-free,” and you can get a hold of the team by email, social media, chat, or phone. They also have fantastic resources for learning how to use Kashoo, like Kashoo U and these guides for how to get started.

Quick rundown of Kashoo

Started doing business in: 2008

Based in: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cost: Paid monthly subscription ($19.95)

Free trial: 14 days
Credit card processing fees (via Stripe, BluePay, and Square): 2.9% + 30 cents

Automatic billing: No

Payroll available: No (but integrates with SurePayroll)

Multicurrency: Yes (but can’t use iOs apps)

PayPal payment option: No

Etsy connection: No

Shoeboxed connection: No

Customized invoices: Yes (but limited fonts and colors)

Mobile app: Yes

Option to collaborate with team members: Yes

Customer service: Email, chat, and phone

Still have questions about whether or not Kashoo is right for you? Leave a comment below or send me a message.


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