Should You Use Hubdoc to Organize Your Receipts?

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Should You Use Hubdoc to Organize Your Receipts?

You’re looking for a way to keep your receipts organized and the tools that I mentioned in this post (Shoeboxed, Receipt Bank, Evernote) just aren’t enough.

You need something more robust that will keep track of ALL of your documents. So what do you do?

I recommend using Hubdoc.

Like all software and tools, it’s not perfect, but after using the most popular tools on the market with my bookkeeping clients, this one has the majority of what I need.

My clients send everything to the software, it inputs all of the numbers for me and I just check for category and accuracy.

Here’s what I love about it:

  • iPhone and Android mobile app – Like the other tools, Hubdoc has its own mobile app so you can take pictures of physical receipts.
  • Alternative methods of sending receipts – You can also email digital receipts and scan documents to upload them to the site.
  • Integration – It connects to all of your bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal, etc. You don’t have to do anything because everything connects and is accounted for. Plus, it works easily with my favorite bookkeeping software Xero. You can also connect it with QuickBooks Online,, and box.
  • Automatic syncing – Once you have all of the categories you want set up, your receipts will be automatically synced to the correct one. Yay for ease.

Here’s what I think could be better:

  • Inaccurate recognition – Sometimes the software doesn’t know what the receipt says, so it will send that receipt to a “failed” list. When that happens, it won’t automatically sync into the correct category.
  • Currency confusion – For some reason, it can’t understand the differences in currencies. My Australian client’s receipts always get defaulted to the American dollar, which is super annoying because I have to go in and constantly correct it.


  • Founded in: 2011
  • Free trial: Yes! 14 days.
  • Price: $20 (USD) per month

Overall, I’m really happy with how much time it saves me, the ease of using the software for me and my clients, and the price.

Have other questions about Hubdoc? Leave them in the comments below!

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