How She Invests: An Interview with Halley Gray

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With all of the options online for training programs and tools, it can be difficult to discern which are best for your business. That’s why I created the How She Invests in Her Business series. My hope is that the insights you read from these smart & savvy women help you decide how to make smarter financial decisions so you can stay in business for a looooong time.

Today’s Interview: Halley Gray

This interview is with Halley Gray, CEO of Evolve and Succeed, and she wants you to know 3 things:

  • That she can teach you to have months of clients booked in advance.
  • That you should drink gin when reading this freebie about the first 6 steps on getting booked out.
  • That she’s a leading digital marketing expert (and that bragging is not her strong suit).

I would call her one smart business cookie with a big personality and a lot of practical, strategic advice to give. Over to Halley 🙂


What investment has made the most impact on your business? What was the impact it made?

Investing in getting a project manager who was the right fit personality, brains, and work style was the best investment I’ve ever made. I should have done that first (over hiring a VA).

She’s excited about the different projects, wrangles them into order, and forces me to prioritize. Her ability to manage the team allows us to accomplish more and makes everyone’s lives easier.

What’s one investment you’re thinking of making right now?

Investing in a FB ads manager and more into FB ads.

Before you decide to invest in something for your business, what do you do?

Research. I ask for whatever data I can get and then plug that into my financial statement – balance sheet, cash flow forecast, P and L (profit and loss) – to see how it’ll affect my business. I also take a few days to sit on it since I typically act very quickly.

What has been your experience with hiring your first team member / contractor?

Not great. I hired so many VAs (and wasted so much money on them) when what I really needed was a PM (project manager).

My first virtual assistant I hired was more of an ego boost than a business boost. I didn’t think about what I really needed help with and how it would create more money for my business.

What position, if any, are you planning on hiring next? (CPA, bookkeeper, graphic designer, etc.) Why?

FB ads manager. Because we need to pump up our traffic, and organic traffic is like a wild unicorn – elusive at best.


Who do you think your program “Be Booked Out” is a good investment for? Why?

Coaches, virtual assistants, project managers, and designers who got sold making 6 figures in their first year but now after three years are barely making 50k.

They want a method that allows them to control their business, income, and client work, which is all marketing.

How do you use what you teach in your own business / life?

All the time. I used to be booked out for years and the same method allows me to evolve my business every year and to double (sometimes triple) the business’ yearly revenue.


How do you give back to your in-person community?

By providing advice, donating one to one to service providers who need help to start up, and donating to local charities.

In what other ways would you like to give back?

Providing entrepreneurial advice to teenagers.

There’s A LOT of advice online on how to start and run a business. What advice do you have to help entrepreneurs sift through what’s real and what’s fake?

Always qualify the advice people give you and make sure they have gotten other people results (not just themselves).

It’s easy to say you have a million dollar business but to do that for others? Much tougher.


Halley hangs out on her website, hosting her show Braless on Couch, and on the social channels below. If you join her email list, she’ll give you a freebie with the first 6 steps to being booked out. Go say hi to her!







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