Weekly Bookkeeping Checklist for Bosses

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Weekly Bookkeeping Checklist for Bosses

Bookkeeping is not the most glamorous component of running a business. I know, BIG surprise. Typically, it’s way more interesting to learn about sales, marketing, or money mindset.

And then I read statistics like “1 in 4 businesses don’t make it past their first year,” and it stops me right in my tracks.

If there’s so much information available on how to run and grow a business, why are 25% of them not making it to month 13?

Research has shown that it’s because of money. And not just money on its own but how the business owner manages the money.

When I talk to entrepreneurs about doing their own bookkeeping, the first thing they’ll tell me is that they don’t know what to do. They’re already so slammed with things to do that figuring out bookkeeping — especially when it’s not urgent — falls to the bottom of their priority lists.

But, every single of them, remembers how important it is to keep track of your money riiiight around tax season.

So the problem is NOT that they don’t want to manage their money responsibly — it’s that they don’t know how to.

That’s why I created this one-page resource for you called: Weekly Bookkeeping Checklist for Bosses.

You can check off these tasks once a week and it should take you no more than 30 minutes to do so once you get into the routine.

Download it here to stop worrying about being ready for tax season or if you’re doing what you need to with your money.

You can use it both if you handle your own bookkeeping or if you work with an accountant / bookkeeper already.

Happy Bookkeeping!

If you have questions about how to use it, comment below or send me a message.

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