How She Invests: An Interview with Adrienne Dorison

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How She Invests: An Interview with Adrienne Dorison

With all of the options online these days for training programs and tools, it can be difficult to discern which is best for your business. That’s why I created the How She Invests in Her Business series. My hope is that the insights you read from these smart & savvy women help you decide how to make smarter financial decisions so you can stay in business for a looooong time.

Today’s Interview: Adrienne Dorison

This interview is with Adrienne Dorisona business consultant and change agent who has worked with small and large companies worldwide to help them sharpen and improve their business performance.  When I first learned about Adrienne, it was from hearing about her Good Businesses Do Good™ movement where she encourages and equips entrepreneurs to earn more, so that they can then give more back to the world.

As you’ll see in the photos and read in her answers, she’s a passionate dog-mom, student-loan debt eradicator and financial freedom advocate who also enjoys CrossFit, rolling around on her yoga mat with her Bernese Mountain Dog, and cookies.


What investment has made the most impact on your business? What was the impact it made?

Investments in myself. I don’t believe I would be where I am today without investing in my own growth and development through mentors that believed in me and supported me along the way. The best investments I’ve made were:

1. A mastermind led by a mentor to have the guidance and support from someone who was more advanced in a specific area of business than me and the group of entrepreneurs who not only ‘got it’ but created a healthy competitive spirit for me to believe in myself and what was possible.

2. Live events, because there is nothing more powerful than connecting with people, live and in-person. This will fast track relationships with people that you may not have the opportunity to deeply connect with online. All of my best mentors, friends, and clients have come from live and in-person events. 

What’s one investment you’re thinking of making right now?

We’ve just made an investment with a lawyer because we’re working on some licensing of IP that needs expert eyes!

Before you decide to invest in something for your business, what do you do?

Know our goals, our gaps and work the numbers. We, as a team, get really clear on what our goals are for the next 3-12 months, identify any gaps that we have in getting there, and run the numbers to see if making this investment is necessary and will be ROI generating. 

What has been your experience with hiring your first team member / contractor?

Hiring my first team member {who is still with me over 2 years later} was critical for me to take some of the things off my plate that was keeping my growth stagnant. I was spending too much time trying to do everything in the business, which wasn’t allowing me to do the work that brought the money in.

What position, if any, are you planning on hiring next? (CPA, bookkeeper, graphic designer, etc.) Why?

We have no plans to hire anyone in the near future! We’re making sure we’re maximizing everyone’s roles with who we’ve got. We filled some gaps last year on the team and don’t have any big ones right now. 


Who do you think your mastermind program “Connected” is a good investment for? Why?

Connected Mastermind is for entrepreneurs who want to better utilize relationships to grow their business — that also includes the relationship with ourselves {the most important one as we grow} to make sure our strategies are aligned with our desires.

I believe we’re all 1 degree of separation from the person we need to know…whether that’s a potential new client, a media connection, a book editor, a collaborative partner, etc. and Connected Mastermind is about bridging those connections intentionally throughout our year together. We also bring everyone together 2X a year live and in-person because relationships move at the speed of light when we’re truly together. It’s for anyone who wants to create massive growth, with huge support. Building a business can be a lonely place, but it doesn’t have to be. 

How do you use what you teach in your own business / life?

Connection has been the lifeblood of my own business and fast growth, and I’ve been really intentional with relationship building since day one. I think that’s why I’ve grown really quickly, and relatively easily. I want to really KNOW people, and serve them, not just treat clients, colleagues, and opportunities as transactional. I’ve invested a lot of time, money, and energy into people and that’s what I believe has created both deep internal and external business success for me. 


How do you give back to your in-person community?

A business that is intentionally serving other meaningful causes with their time, money, or expertise. 

In what other ways would you like to give back?

At first, I was allowing my clients to choose where they each wanted their 10% to go {10% of their investment in me went to a charitable cause of their choice}. But, once I saw that many of my clients didn’t really know how to decipher between a well-intentioned organization and an organization that was making a REAL impact on the world, I felt it was important for me to research, connect with non-profit founders, and support only those that were doing work in the world that was not just great on the front-end, but also made long-term, measurable impact on the intended causes.

I have chosen causes that I feel personally aligned with {entrepreneurship, animals — I have a wildlife conservation background 😉 and domestic abuse} and organizations that I’ve vetted to make sure we’re creating real change together. 


Adrienne hangs out on her website, her podcast The School of Self-Mastery, and on the social channels below. If you join her email list, she’ll give you the 9 sales emails she’s used to generate $773,555 in 2 years. Go say hi to her!







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